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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lonely Sunday part 1 -- Xin Yi

Sunday, a lonely Sunday for me….

This morning I wake up at 10.36am…it consider early for me because I sleep at 2am last night… I received a sms which Xin Yi send me… wow, written in Chinese, must be something happen on her, cos she never use Chinese to write a sms, she will only use English when we exchange sms to each other…

So after read her sms, I immediately jump down from my bed n go to living room pick up the phone n dial to her…

After some words only, she start cry on the other side….huhuhuh…. I can’t do anything, so I just hold the phone n just listen to her crying voice…n sobbing sound… in my mind got a lot of things to tell her.. but suddenly don’t know how to talk….

After awhile, she stop crying, n I tell what in my mind…. She keep quiet.. n just I’m the one who talk.. seem like I’m talking nonsense.. cos no 1 listen to me…. We keep quiet… n I can heard that he breathing wif loud.. seems like she wanna control her tears…dunnoe.. maybe.. cos I can’t see what she doing now…. I really wish that I can fly to her hosue immediately… but I can’t….

After some time…. She ok aredi…. But yet I can sense that she still sad ler…

To Xin Yi,

This is what a good friend indeed.. when friend have problem, we have to help he / she… as what we always say, our slogan “ we r not friend nor good friend, we r 1 family” hmm…how u treat me… our life fill up with ups n downs which include fighting, quarrelling, arguing,….. even we can fight for just a tiny thing for 1 weeks. N can say that we argue everyday when in secondary school time….

Every time also nag me that never paid attention to teacher…n endless nagging… everything u also have to nag…. But I enjoy it…. Hehe.. every1 in the class boy cott u..becos u r the top student in the class, n u r a very straight forward ppl..dunnoe how to care for other’s feeling..always goes to the point… n let some of the guy in the calss hate u the most…. I can always listen what they complaint bout u, I stil can stand at ur side n tell them, every1 have different attitude… v have to forgive what she do….

Until now, I still can bear with ur attitude whenever u always throw ur temper at me.. i still the same receive just like that without blame u or angry… I heard some1 say b4, God will always let a hot temper person meet n live 2gether with a slow, cold temper ppl… I really agree with tat..as u r a hot temper ppl…everything must finish in time… like very rush…but I’m that kind happy go lucky…will be fine always…. Maybe is this factor make us can have our relationship forever….don’t u think so??

XinYi, no matter how u feel, how u angry at me, how u love me, how u treat me…I stil the same, loving u all the time…care u all the time…n that day we went to midvalley bought at button badge wif our photo is up there.. everytime when I have tutorial or lecturial..it keep remind me that u r nag me have to pay attention to teacher… n the kiss that u give me… stil always inmy mind…how sweet is tat..n the hug u always give me…hmm… thx ya my dear… Muacks…love u…!!