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Friday, June 03, 2005

Accident on My baby

Yesterday my brother came back from university. As usual, he went and checked on my baby looi looi. After he checked at all 7 hamsters, he took the baby and put in his palm. He naughty, want to play looi looi..take looi looi away from snowy. He played and showed the baby to his gf.

Suddenly, the baby fall down from his palm which got a 11years old kid’s height. Oh no… my God, baby fall down on the floor… uhuhu… my brother quickly rescue her by using CPR. After few minutes, the baby come to normal, can walk like usual..

Uhhh… luckily nothing happen to my looi looi, if not he will guilty in the rest of his life. Dare to kill my baby. Now he not dare to touch my baby anymore.

A lesson for my brother!

*baby has fur aredi, very fair, n has teeth aredi.. up got 2 n down got 2…