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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Bonjour, An Nyeong HaSeYo!! Welcome back Milly!!

I never update here for 1 week… yes… 1 week!! Well. Must be all of u ask where Milly go…from Jason’s blog, u all can know Milly follow her plan to go to holidaying! Yeah..i would say it is nice n happy trip.. ok.. I will update at here what I do during my trip!!

Soli let u all wait me..n make u all worry bout me..!!

Day 1 (06/06)
Leave house at 9am. Dadibee went to work at Shah Alam, drop me n
Mamibee at 3rd auntie’s house. Met Vivian at my auntie’s house. (Vivian, not need envy me go to Malacca lar). Then, Dadibee went to Serdang finished up his job. Had “paper wrapped chicken” n Yong Tau Foo as lunch at Seri Kembangan. We continued our journey to Malacca. Reach Malacca at 4.15pm. Bath, prepared myself, meet Jason. We went to Jusco at 1st because he need to pass something to his friend. Then, we went to Mahkota Parade for shopping. After that at 7pm, he brought me to go to Wing’s Café for dinner. Ahah.. Unfortunately, I didn’t order any meal, just order a cup of orange juice. Cos I’m too full, my lunch haven’t disgest yet! Listen to the singer and looking at the sea. We just able to meet for 2+ hours, but for him, is just like 7 or 8 hours!! (Jason, rite? Like very hard to spend the time) We didn’t talk much, maybe both of us just shy. But stil oklar. At 8.30pm, he send me to JUSCO to meet dadibee. 1st time for him to meet mamibee, he say mamibee kinda fierce. When I back home, mamibee and dadibee keep question me a lot about Jason, some until I don’t know how to answered them.. -___-

Day 2 (07/06)
Stay at home until dadibee after work. Dadibee brought us went to had our dinner. We ate the famous fish noodles soup. Well, the auntie very friendly. She treat us very well, like a VIP. This is because when dadibee at Malacca, he usually go to the stall to eat the famous fish head porridge. Then, we go to TESCO to buy some daily use. There have the Thai Carnival sales, so me n mamibee went to take a look. Mamibee bought me a pyjamas again, n a Japanese style shirt. It is very cheap! Then, we went inside the TESCO to bought something. Then we went back our “hotel”.

Day 3 (08/06)
Nothing to do at the afternoon, so listen to the radio, and I made a dedication message to someone, but too bad that fello didn’t hear it… aigh…wasted! At night, dadibee brought us to go to MMU area to have nasi lemak as our dinner. The nasi lemak very nice! Then we went to the pasar malam near by there. Suddenly we met dadibee’s boss. Uncle said I’m very tall n last time when he met me I just 4 yrs old.. haha… then mamibee buy 1 chocolate mint ice cream for me. Bloated! We go JUSCO to bought bread and dadibee bought some food.

Day 4 (09/06)
Jason said no mood to sms, so I didn’t sms him much! MR sms me. He holidaying at Langkawi, I really suspect that allt he sms not he typed out, is his friend. From the style he type really different! Maybe he change or really is his friend typed..i dunnoe! Stil figure out.. start to miss my blog… hmm.dadibee go to Subang Jaya to finish up his work..so leave me n mamibee at Malacca waiting for him until 1am. Huh…while waiting for dad, I sms Jason. Thx ya!

Day 5 (10/06)
Still the same thing, stay at the room waiting for dadibee after work at 6pm. While I watching tv, Jason sms me. Really kacau me watch tv. Dadibee brought us go to have dinner at Amigo, which Jason say not nice, but dadibee n mamibee enjoy the food. They order sizzling black pepper chicken chop, n I order fish n chips. Quite nice lar…maybe hungry lor.!! Hmmm….

Day 6 (11/06)
I wake up at 10am, very late, cos feel very tired. Then mamibee ask me to pack up all my things n ready to back to KL. I very happy, cos can blog again lor! Afternoon. Dadibee backhome n bought chicken rice for us as lunch after that, me n mamibee go to JUSCO ourself n stay inside the POPULAR for 4hours. The world is just so small, I met my lecturer paktohing wif her bf at JUSCO too… oh..n meet my friends too! Hmm.. then I bought 3 books, n mamibee bought 1 yoga books.. we had our dinner at 7.30pm. we back to the fish noodles stall again, for the last time b4 v leave KL. Keke.. then I ask dadibee bring me to Jonker street for buying some stuff for my friends, but dadibee say got a lot ppl there n can’t get car park. So dadibee bring me go to Tan Kim Hock to buy something for Xin Yi. Ehhe..the same thing, she just wan the coconut cookies, I bought 2 boxes for her…. She is the 1 who always get this wheni comeot Malacca…she really shud saying me a lot!! Then we continue our journey to KL. Around 10.40pm I reach my home.. n start blog!! Uhh….wanna catch up a lot of blog…!! Give me some times ya!!