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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Hamsters Diarrhea!!

Today while I’m sleep soundly, my brother shout like hell

Brother: mami, u see, hamster diarrhea lar…

Mamibee: har? Diarrhea??

Brother: yalar..what u let my hamster eat? See diarrhea liao…

Mamibee: oh.. must be the sweet-rice-ball-biscuit..

Brother: aiyah…u see the white fur become brown colour lor…

Mamibee: aiyah..faster wash them lar…alamak..not only 1 hamster diarrhea oh..all oso leh..

Brother: aiyah….pity pity!!

After I heard that, I quickily wake up and take a look at my looi looi.. alamak, all the fur kena the shit… eee… dirty…

Brother quickly wash them and wash their house too..

Fuyoh…this is the 1st time I saw hamster diarrhea.. hahah

All my 8 hamsters diarrhea too… hmm…who should blame?

Mamibee!!! Simply feed my hamsters. Some more she tell us that, she let hamster eat 2 sweet-rice-ball-biscuits.