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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

huggies n kisses

yesterday i went to xin yi's house to give back the craft punch and the Tan Kim Hock coconut biscuits where i buy during my vacation at melaka... really sorry to her.. cos i bought that things nearly 1 mth aredi...nwo only give to her.ekekke...

wheni gave her that..she very surprise n happy...!! cos that is her fav biscuit...that's a must-to-buy when i go to melaka... if not she will nag me whole month...haha..( not that serious lar..)

then i take alook at her sister'd drawing, wanna pick the new drawing to show my senior n decided to take the drawing as our mural drawing plan... isit copy right?? hhahaha

then i go to kitchen there to say hi to her cute grandma, n her maid..."kakak" this kakak is the best kakak i found.... she is the 1 who wash my shirt , cook for me, iron shirt for me when i overnight for 2 days at xin yi's house due to i dunahve transport to attend exam last year... hahah..... that was a sweet memories for me...yeah!! iw ish to go to her house overnite again.... hahha....Xin Yi, can ornot???

hmm, after look at drawing, she ask me to go to her room, wanna show me something... she complain that im the notty ming ming, always dun1 comen visit her, hmm....then immediately i give her a hug hug..a 10 minit hug..!! hahaha.... to make her happy... i really dunnoe what to say, really sorry..i cant manage to visit her lar...no transport....dunnoe she undertsand ornot....hope so lar...!!

wanna give a kiss kiss, but then i din give.... save it up n give her next time.... hahha...