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Saturday, June 18, 2005

IQ test

2day i have my community serivce meeting until 5something..

actually plan to go to Midvalley alone 1..but then cancel the plan, cos saturday will have alot ppl lor...

back home at 7somehting...is totally very tired... after bath n have dinner..lying on the floor..

my brother pass me a paper that contain 2 IQ test.he want me to help him finsish it...as i think n calculate many time, can't get answer..so now i reveal ath blog let u all think think...!!

the Q is

find those missing number.

(hint: u can use any way to calculate them, sum, minus, divide or multiply.
if u use the sum, then whole thing must use wif sum.. can't mixed it..maybe all the 3 number r not the same! just try to find it out wif ur way)

? 2 13
6 ? 2
9 6 ?

please tell me ur answer..u can answer or cannot answer oso let me noe k..!!