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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

bad news

Since my aunt (uncle's wife) passed away on tsunami 26 of December until now, I have not attending any funeral...

yesterday after my CS meeting straight away go back home with happy mood, cos when I have the biology practical, my optician had call me to informed me that my spec is ready to collect.. I tot I can go to collect it yesterday...

but then, reach home, so surprise dadibee at home (he say he will go back to malacca yesterday), n I was happily tell dadibee that
"pa, afterward fetch me go to 1utama to collect my spec lor..."
"no way..Cannot..."
"u faster go to bath have dinner, later u n korkor have to follow mummy go to 1 important function.."
"hor?? Function?? What is that?? So special?? (think think...)
"aiyah..Dun ask much lar....Faster go...."
"mummy, later have to go where?? I have to go to work wor....har..." Brother asked
"aiyah.... Shu Mei's dad aredi passed away lar..."
"oh...?????? What happen? Car accident?? Huh?? Sickness??" both of us asked
"aiyah.. Because of cancer lor....aiyah...Dun ask much lar...1! Faster go to have dinner..Later at 7.30 v have to reach there...."
"oh..Yes madam!"

hmmm...Suddenly have a bad mood...

Shu Mei is my neighbour, she n her parents live at my block too, but is on the 5th floor, mine is ground floor... When I was small, I always go to her house n play barbie doll...She have a lot barbie doll because her dad sayang her a lot (the only child). She is 1 year younger than me, but we go to kindergarten which just opposite my house 2gether every morning when I was 5 n she just 4..

she is big in size, tall... N really no like 4 yrs old..Just same as me.. She is a intelligent gal, smart, in young age can speak fluently English (maybe is her dad always speak English to her lar) ....Day by day, month by month, years by years......

v all grow up, n our relationship not that good, seldom talk oso...cos aredi have our own friend, seem like nth to chat... Everyday see she n her dad just give them a greet..

uncle look strong n fit... A nice guy actually, friendly, kind... N also a responsible guy!

later on, they moved into a new house where just next garden..A terrance house on this years April....Then, Because they just have a child only, they decided to adopt any child...So that Shu Mei won't feel so lonely, so, a gal name Shu Ern finally become they child...

but sometimes, life is too short...Uncle can't see Shu Ern grow up, not able to see Shu Mei graduate from university already passes away on 4th of July... hmmm.... The most pity is auntie... Have to really work hard already....

actually im kinda scare to attend funeral....Just don't know y, I scare!! Since my grandfather death until now, everynite I very scare when alone at home... I scare...Even if I sleep also, must wait until brother come back only I can go to sleep...I take time to forget all those thing.... Now I already almost forget everything, but suddenly get this bad news... Too bad, have to start train myself again...!! Need to take long time lor...

the good thing is, yesterday I back from the funeral, I din scare at all, normal..Even don't have nightmare.... haha..milly is a scary cat.....I admit that!

my deepest condolence to Shu Mei n her family..