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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Happy Saturday *Part 3*

Ok…the answer is LocKee!

He call me and just wanna busy body only! He very geng lar, can talk on the handphone while driving (hey against the rules lar uncle!)… he can talk non stop n keep make me laughing!

After Msau had cancel the meet, so LocKee got call me when I’m at the park with Kiasi, n we (lockee n me) already decided to meet each other at metro prima too!

But suddenly he say have to cancel cos SS mummy not feeling well, can’t meet me up! So I just say “Nevermind lar”, if not what else I can say?! Rite?

So, from the Kepong KTM Station there to my house need 10 to 15 minutes. He talk with me until I reach home, put down my bag, still talking! Aigh..can’t imagine a uncle will so kpc oso..!! ahahaha…

Since, he say he drive Sweet Sweet out to buy something, I ask him straight away come to my house area’s playground to meet me n finally he say OK!

The 1st thing I meet LocKee is, go to his car n carry SS out, but SS too scare bout me n scream for daddy! Aigh..!

Not familiar with me mah! Lockee kept talking n talking…wow…I really can talk with him non-stop! Got too many things to talk already… (right?)

SS is so cute!! Like to smile to me only..but wheni wanna hug her, she dun1 o..give me a sour face! Hmph, must be daddy nvr teach her probably! Or? Keke… she just now how to not her head n wave her hand… that’s cute enuff…!! Too cute!!

See, how she enjoy playing the slide wif Lockee while I just sit there n chit chat…n listen to the screaming voice…hahaha….. Finally, I know that Sweet Sweet is her name! Yes, is her name..!!

What a special name ler.. Why don’t put honey?? Hahah….

We just able to meet for 20 minutes, SS very hungry I think, so have to say byebye lar..!!

So, in 1 day I can meet 2 bloggers !

The list:
1st, Jason
2nd, TNS
3rd, Mr Kiasi
4th, LocKee and SS
5th, I think is Msau!

Yeah, tired but happy, excited!!