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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mango Special Beverage

yesterday after take my spec, my brother's gf say wanna go to mamak to have her dinner..

so, brother fetch us go to SS2...

the mamak stall name RESTORAN SS2 MURNI. who had been there b4?

for those who neen there before sure noe that there have a beverage which very special... y special??

too bad no photo lar.. it is not in a cup but in a big bottle.. like a big mayoinese bottle..

it have alot flavor..actually is just a fruit shake... like yesterday, i drink mango shake.. at the bottom of the shake got alot mixed fruit like water melon, lychee,longan n nada de coco...

this is the 1st time i drink this...quite special.. hmm..yummy..very nice..wanna go there again...

actually this restoran owner is chinese, but then they sell halal food, n have alot malay workers... n the boss can speal fluently english..cos is SS2 mah...high standard place... haha...

brother order "lou shu fan" n "mango special"
his gf order " kopi o ais" n " nasi lemak biasa"
total cost us RM12.30

n guess who i saw yesterday at there??
is 8tv's quickie host, Rina!!

wow, she wearing a pink polo T, n wif a pink highlight hair too...!!

*who can help me get the pic of that mango special??*