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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ramly Burger

Since MrKiasi posted the “ramly burger” before.. now I wanna write bout it…

It has been many years I dun have chance to have ramly burger as my supper, erm..shud say I dunhave change to have supper. Cos my mom dun allow…it is not good for health.

So, after Mrkiasi mention bout the Ramly Burger.. then I start wanna go n taste again what is the taste for Ramly Burger…

So, finally, 2day I made it!

Just now my fren come to my house (1st my fren come to my house at nite ) to discuss bout gathering. Then we discuss for our homework also tunil 10.30pm.. I think is late for her, so I asked her to go back 1st (she drive), 2molo only continued chat.

I on my pc 1st, connect the internet then I accompany her to get her car at car park (my house is a block of flat), I straight away go to the burger stall to get me the 1st burger in my life as my supper. Really!

So go to the stall, the man like Indonesia ppl, but is Malaysian, can speack English fluently (amazing), a science student last time (later u will noe)..

Milly: *see the menu*

Hawker: ah moi nak apa?? (what u want?)

Milly: Bagi saya burger ayam satu (give me 1 chicken burger)

Hawker: nak burger ayam special? (u want the chicken burger special?)

Milly: burger ayam special? Macam mana punya? (special?? How its looks like?)

Hawker: ada telur punya tambah honey.. ( add egg and put honey on it)

Milly: oh..tak mau lar… nak biasa punya.. (oh..not need lar, give me the normal type)

Hawker: ok..tunggu ya! (ok…wait ya!)

Milly: *look around his stall..*

Hawker: ah moi, (suddenly speak English to me!) u stay near by??

Milly: ya, why??

Hawker: ermm, never saw u before 1?

Milly: of cos lar, this is the 1st time I come out buy ur burger!

Hawker: oh…1st time??

Milly: yaya..actually wan to buy ur burger on last week, but I lazy to walk out here..so until 2day only come n buy lor

Hawker: oh… u working now isit?

Milly: nolar..im studying now..

Hawker: oh… university student?

Milly: nope, im a college student..

Hawker: what is ur name btw?

Milly: my name??!! Y u 1 2 noe my name?? (I stil wondering y he 1 2 noe my name?)

Hawker: erm..just asking..

Milly: ok..my name is Milly..

Hawker: oh…nice name ar..

Milly: hehehhe…

Hawker: where is college u study now?

Milly: erm..at setapak there

Hawker: seremban??

Milly: no no no, setapak….

Hawker: oh… r u in art stream or science stream?

Milly: science…

Hawker: oh…good..last time I oso science stream student

Milly: heee…. *smile*

Hawker: aredi married??

Milly: married? im single now..im just a student now..so young to marreid?

Hawker: ops..sorry sorry..

Milly: nvm..

Hawker: *go to take more vege from the box* u noe how to fry this?

Milly: ya..i noe.. y ?

Hawker: u come n fry urself lar…I go to take vege..

Milly: okok…*fry fry*

Hawker: *put the mayonese on the bread* enuff??

Milly: erm..if u 1 2 put more then u put lar..but vege give me more lar..!

Hawker: ok …no prob..

Milly: *stil frying*

Hawker: haha..not bad ar…u noe hwo to fry nicely…

Milly: hahahha…. (u think im so lousy meh? Fry oso dunnoe?!)

Hawker: ok….u wan ketchup or chilies sos?

Milly: erm..give me ketchup..i dun like chilies sos

Hawker: oh..u dun like to eat chilies lar?

Milly: I like chilies, but I dun like chilies sos, I more like sambal… but too bad…burger dun put
sambal…!! hahaha

Hawker: haha…great idea..but cannot put sambal lar..not good for gastric ppl and easily get stomachache… dun eat too much sambal

Milly: hmm…. Ya oso..

Hawker: ok…enuff cucumber? Need some more?

Milly: give summore lar… put lots inside lar..

Hawker: ok….

Milly: *see what he do*

Hawker: the cabbage n carrot enuff ornot??

Milly: put summore lar…

Hawker: okok…the ketchup enuff??

Milly: enuff enuff…

Hawker: the mayonese wanna put sumore??

Milly: Erm….ok oso…nvm..

Hawker: oh..i dunnoe how much u want..so I ask u a lot…this is the 1st time u come to my stall…
next time u come..then I noe what u want..

Milly: hahah..okok..

Hawker: u wan add some honey on the chicken burger??

Milly: har? Honey? Dun1 lar…

Hawker: nvm…next time u try it..very nice

Milly: okok..next timei sure will try ur ayam special… haha

Hawker: oh..total RM2

Milly: *give him RM10*

Hawker: *give back RM8*

Milly: ok…thx..

Hawker: bye..come next time ya!

Milly: okok..*laugh*

Hawker: *smile*

Hmm..go back home…open the wrapper…hmmmm…..nice smell….argh…yummy…!! althought my area dunhave add in black pepper..but stil very nice..!! yeah….feel like wanna eat another time…!

In the same time, when I see at my pc, Kiasi is online so chat for awhile b4 eat my burger….Kiasi oso having Ramly Burger..haha..so coincedence.