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Welcome to my personal blog! A very potential mom's blog! will update it whenever i free. Really sorry if u guys headache when reading my post because of my broken english! hehe... :) stay tuned!

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday is not a Sunday for me

Yo! Sunday oso not free!!!

2day I have to go to petaling street to search my material to complete my CS things…

I walk for whole afternoon..but can’t get it oso..!! aigh….

Now tired, very lazy to blog it out…!!

Tired…now my ankle pain aredi…cos last few days I sprain my ankle…cos not enuff sleep, then nvr see properly, walk walk n walk…sprain my ankle..see this years twice aredi…!! Aigh….!!!!

***** finally I noe 百乐县= bera, but 明加力=???*****