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Friday, October 07, 2005

The Long Awaited Weekend

Finally, after two weeks of stress and pressure, the exams are finally over. I've been waiting for this day for a long time. Time seemed to pass real slow when you wish them to be faster. Anyway, the point is, the exams are all behind me. Muahahaha! Finally, I'll be able to focus on what's more important - going back to Mengkarak.

This weekend, my (foster) sister ( Milly lar!!!) and I will be going back to Mengkarak to visit our foster family. The last time I was back was before my semester started. Hmmm... Come to think of it, it's been a long six months since I was back. For sis, however, she was there a month ago. Oh, how I long to see the kids again. Fun, mischievous, playful (really...!! until i wanna shake head..!! but there r "cute") , full of energy and great to be with.

Being with these kids has taught me, among other things, to be childlike. Nope, I do not mean being childish. I mean being childlike. Of course kids being kids, they will act ....yeah ...childish... wanting things their own way, throwing tanthrums...and stuff like that. But that's not my concern in this post for now.

Being childlike, I guess would mean we should sometimes think and trust like a child. A child do not have much worries to worry about. Many of us tend to get very worried about a lot of little things things in life. Things such as "Where shall I get lunch today?" "What will I do later?" "Will the boss like my work?". Don't get me wrong again. I believe all of us have responsibilities and sometimes by "worrying" about it we are able to perform better. However, sometimes we tend to worry more than we need to. When I go back to Mengkarak, my younger foster sisters there (and this time it's not Milly :P is MeiMei!!) would do some drawings for me(hey i receive it before!! is a birthday card ler...!!). When they present their drawings to me, they don't worry if I like it or not. They take it that I will like it. I can see that they've done their best in it and I appriciate their effort. As a matter of fact, I still keep their drawings with me at home. I guess at the end of the day, it's when we know we have put in our best effort, we don't have to worry anymore.

Being back to Mengkarak is a time of relaxation for me - a time of reflection when I'm on my own. As mentioned in previous posts, Mengkarak is a small (chinese) village in Pahang. Unlike a fast paced city, I feel that the serenity there would be able to destress us from much of what we go through in a city. Besides, the fresh air helps a lot too. :)

Anyway, sis and I will be back on Monday. So till then, I guess this blog is gonna be in hibernation mode for a while. :P

Sis would like to inform that she is not feeling too well lately. However, I'm sure she'll feel very much better when we reach Mengkarak. I guess just the sight of kids has some sort of power to heal her. :P (Milly add: wahaha.....becos of sick, so ask korkor to update blog for me..!! wahaha...since now he is free...so mah ask him lor...!! erm...i think i will more sick if the children keep kacau me..!! wahahha....)

Alright, till then, will see you all back again on Monday! :)