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Thursday, October 06, 2005

mamibee's gift

2day mamibee get a present from Gary Yap.

i think u all noe who is Gary Yap 叶俊岑 rite?

the host for the 8tv some entertainment show 八八六十事, every monday to friday 6pm to 6.30pm!

Gary had a recipe book, now the book is selling at every book shop...if u all interested can get 1. i think all the dishes shown inside the is very nice!

Mamibee want to book so much....

suddenly her fren give her this book.... see how lucky is mamibee! inside the book got Gary signature n some words too...

mamibee so happy....!!

actually Gary is mamibee's fren's son-in-law's brother. so he can get the book free n with signature too....!! wahahaha....

i think this coming week, i got new dish to test lor...must be very delicious..!! wahahaha..