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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Moment Everyone Had Been Waiting For - DM

Well, this is it. I'm honored to be given the privileged to reveal the meaning and the origins of DM! Wahahahahahha! So, uncle-uncle korkor and aunty-aunty jiejie sekalian, hold on to your seats (and prepare the pop corns) as we take you on a journey and the begininng of how DM came about! Wahahahahaha! Alright, enough of the nonsense. Let's get on with it.

As Sis mentioned earlier on, DM stands for Darlene Milly. Nope, she didn't steal the D from someone called Darlene. Nope, she chose it not because it's hard to pronounce darling. So, why Darlene?

Remember the time when Sis got into the car accident with the malay guy (some ppl maybe dunnoe bout it!!!) ? She was very upset and depressed with the situation that time. She was talking to me over the phone and she was expressing how unlucky she was. I could not remember exactly, but I somewhat have a recollection that she also had other unpleasant incidences ( really alot...!!) . I guess because of that, Sis wanted to change her name to something else other than Milly (so that can bring good luck for me...!!).

I was preparing for my final exam at that time so I suggested only a few names. Sis said she'll look online for more names. She came across the name Darlene (Dolly, Daphne, Darlynn, Darleen) and asked my opinion on it. I told her that the name sounded nice.

(but why don't use other name?? y must use D?? y not other alphabet?? wahaha...this is another part of this story..!! will tell later... wait lar..!!)

Hence forth, she's known as Darlene.

So aunty uncle korkor jiejie sekalian, that's the end of the story. Hope you all liked it. :P :)