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Friday, November 04, 2005

Auntie Milly again

This morning I wake up at 10 am. Mamibee already prepare herself to jogging! Didn’t get me wrong already 10am!!

So mamibee force me to go. While waiting for dad, I’m type the previous.

10.15am ….. 10.30am …… 10.45am …..11am…..

11am, dadibee back from dunnoe-where.

Already 11am, stil 1 2 go to FRIM for jogging?? Got sot sot ornot??

So I forced to go lor!! I hate it!! No mood to go also! I throw my tantrum to my dad ( hehe, what to do daddy’s girl mah!… -___-)

Mamibee and dadibee walk in front. I walk behind! Looking around, no mood to go also!

When come to canopy walkway, I said I don’t want to go… manja again, don’t want to go, even drop tears… dadibee also cannot forced me to go, he also can’t carry me up there, if not, I’m sure he might carry me at his back up to the hill.

So I told him that I will walk straight and will wait for him at the end of the canopy walkway. So I walk alone there. Very short distance. I stop at a water falls, enjoy the water, cooling and freshing water while wait for dad n mom…

Then mom and dad come down, dad accompany me enjoy the water falls, while mom go back to car park herself.

After awhile, dad n me go to the car park meet mamibee. Almost near to end point, a mid age uncle, his wife n 2 son passed by.

The uncle look like willwolf, but of cos willwolf is more young that this uncle lar. I think is a family based on English educated.

Uncle: Can I know where is the canopy walk?

Me: oh… erm….

Uncle’s wife: *use mandarin* you know where is it?

Dadibee: walk straight, not very far, u will see the signboard writing the canopy walk way! Then up the hill, 500m then u can see it

Uncle’s wife: oh thanks thanks….

Meanswhile their eldest son, really good manner, I like this kind of kids.

Kid: uncle, aunty byebye…

Me: uhh….aunty?? (-______- )

Uncle’s wife: not aunty lar, is jiejie….

Kid: oh… jiejie…

Me: oh…good boy!

Went off…

Grumble!! What aunty!!! I’m jiejie lar… alamak…!! I’m so young, look like aunty meh??

Dad: hehe…see u old liao lor… u better come n exercise more lar…!! Look young ar.!!


I think is this time is the 3rd time being auntie Milly !!! -sweat-