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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Home Sweet Home

2day, I back to my home! Home sweet home!!

Yeah..very happy…!

2day’s morning preparation not as smooth as yesterday..but when cometo afternoon, everything goes very well…

n I got a lot idea poop up when thinking of the booklet’s cover design! Yeah..very nice n artistic enuff..ekke.. will let u guys see next time…now dunhave the digicam to capture the pic..

and I contribute a lot in the booklet design..!! yeah…very happy..cos last time I din contribute much.

Erm…. There always got some problem.. my problem is I dunnoe how to act as a mother of 2 son. Oh my god..i have a drama. In the drama, im the mother of 18 n 16 yo’s son…

They always say im stil a little child when acting the “mother”..!!

Oh my god….!! How?? How???

This Saturday I will go to Mengkarak to promote our trip there next 2 week…

Now aredi very sleepy…. Erm..im very happy that, this time preparation is much more relax than last time. Now got more time to sleep…everyday I sleep at 11pm or 12 midnite, sometimes got time to go out yumcha wif frens too..wahhaha….fun!

Oklar..is very late now… very tired aredi..! wanna sleep…. Ciaoz..

2molo morning have to back to college again..1!yuhoo…

so sorry ler, cos being bz, so no time to leave comment on your blog… I just read but din comment..