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Friday, November 25, 2005

How My Darling Passed Away

Finally I back home again!

After few days didn’t back home… now I’m back again..

The 1st time I do when I reach home is – look at my little darling grave. It just until a tree, pine tree. I give me respect to my little darling.

After I investigate, I realize that, how my little darling died.

He passed away is not because of his age, is because diarrhea!!

Can u imagine? Diarrhea until  my little darling passed away??

My hamster got the experience of diarrhea, but until died…it is really very hard to imagine.

He seem like know he going to die soon, so he wait until my brother after work back home only died.

When my brother back home, he saw darling diarrhea, so quickly bath him, n the cage too… when my brother bathing him, he looks like a little weird, not as active as last time. My brother tot because of the diarrhea, so after bath him, put him back to cage.

Few hours later, my brother go n soptcheck see whether got diarrhea again ornot. Unfortunately he almost no more energy, very lembik.. so my brother catch him out from the cage n put it in his hand.

My poor little darling finally passed away in my brother’s hand on Monday at 11.46pm.

A little short life just end like that!! Why my hamster will diarrhea?? No one know……

Now in the cage, just leave the female hamster. Alone….

Will get her another partner?? I don’t know. Maybe she still miss her husband!