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Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Yeah, next two days is our chinese big big day! CNY coming!!

Have u all prepare well?? Stil haven’t buy grocery? New shirt??

Well… I’m aredi prepared!

Happy Chinese New Year = holiday = no college = no internet access = no blog update = might be outdated also! :)

So, I will not able to online for 1 whole week. Until 6th of Feb.

Me, Milly and Lincoln at here wish all of u have a wonderful Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Doggie Year!

Yeah..here is a doggie for all of u!!

In 1 week, I will balik kampung to Perlis, and then attend Blogger gathering on 3rd of Feb, then back to Mengkarak on 4th of Feb, morning. Then will back to KL again on Sunday night! Go back to college on Monday!

So, see u guys on Blogger Gathering ya! If anything, just call me, or sms me!

Happy Chinese New Year!