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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

my review for 2005

ok..since everyone doing 2005 review! let me do my review too

- start my 1st day of job in my life! my job is to be a assistant teacher at Q-dees Menjalara.
- the stupid guy keep kacau me! and go commit suicide!! he stil alive, but hospitalized

- still enjoying working at there. fun with kids

-16th - start my 1st blog post!
-28th - the scary guy keep kacau me

- 1st - scary incident happened at Q-dees.
- 14th - my birthday
- 15th - my last day at Q-dees. that means im free from the kids! haha...i cried!
- 17th - my friends passed away for 1 year
- 25th - a post about me n mummy's story!! a touching story!
- 27th - my mom sprain her ankle.. sad sad.. there are 4 part of this story

- 4th - my teacher celebrate birthday for me! she stil remember my birthday!!
- 8th - mamibee's birthday!
- 9th - my 1st day of college life!! fun...
- 27th - my baby is born!! opsss..not my baby, is my hamster baby!!

- meet Jason
-19th - my hamster diarrhea...ya.....diarrhea!!!
- 21th - dadibee birthday! a special long post dedicated for daddy!!
- 22th- know that Loc Kee actually is my neighbour!! wahaha....
- a series of story about Auntie Milly! aigh.... start be an auntie!!

- 3rd - my new spec!
- 9th - meet TNS
- 16th - meet Mr Kiasi and Loc Kee for the 1st time
- 22th - blogger gathering at KLCC.
- 23th - another blogger gathering at Kepong. which i meet The Suzzette and Msau

- 5th - meet twinsmom
- start busy with CS life!! preparation for going to Mengkarak!!
- 28th - back from Mengkarak after few days service at there. and have my new foster family

- 11th - 1st pesta tanglung in my life. and get chance to meet another scary blogger - egghead and of cos 1st time meet Loc Kee's wife!
- 19th - a post dedicated for Lincoln korkor. 1st day i get know him!
- 23th - while mummy not in, i cook myself!
- 24th - 1st time meet Lincoln at KLCC after my class!
- 27th - silly milly!! drop the train ticket.
- 28th - after being silly milly! my car get bang by a van!! stupid fello come n bang my car!! my 1st time car accident!! and there is a lot of arguement between me and mamibee bout want to go to report ornot!! finally..we din go to report!

- 2nd - my long hair gone!!
- 3rd - yumcha with LocKee. i dunnoe this time is how many time i yumcha wif him!! really lost count!! maybe 5 ar.
- 8th - my happy moment! go back to Mengkarak with Lincoln. i miss my day there!! especially the night walk!!
- 18th - blogger gathering at Kepong again! where 1st time meet Sue, Zara's mom, peekabooh, willwolf, young brat
- 29th - my 1st time drive auto car after yumcha with Loc Kee

- 9th - finish my year end exam! start sick! lau gai at daddy!
- start preparation for hui xiang activities
- 13th - small blogger gathering
- 21th - my hamster passed away!!! sad sad... die becos of diarrhea!!
- 28th - going back to Mengkarak again for our hui xiang!

- 3rd - annual dinner for CS.
- 12th - nation wide case! aigh...i tot i will never get back my simcard!
- stay at aunty house for 2 weeks. celebarte Xmas there also.
- 31th - countdown at The Curve. 5.30am back to aunty house. wahah... let my anuty scold! and my parent's anniversary!!

that's all highlight for my life on 2005.

uhh...spend 2 hour to write this!! hmm... hope 2006 will bring more joy to me!!