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Friday, February 03, 2006


well....this year CNY will be the same as last year!

stay at KL for CNY!! argh....

nevermind! ask daddy to bring me go out, since CNY at KL, must go to enjoy abit! normally i dunhave chance to stay at KL for CNY!!

but then, mummy said wanna stay at home!! day time can't go anywhere ler!!

at nite, daddy bring me go to Tien Hou Gong! hehe..ncie nice!! but inthe car while finding the car park ler mummy mumbling lor! aigh...cos she dun like to come out! she like to stay at home!

then the next day, early inthe morning, mummy wake me up ready to go to aunty house! so fun at aunty house!! then go to another aunty house at klang! the hous eis big! so spacious!! meet my cousin's church fren! we play card together!! not gambling ar!

then at nite, celebrate my fren's birthday!! a nice strawberry cake from shangri-la!

enjoy my nite there with him and her! kekeke.......

back home!! night mare come! diarrhea! oh no!!!!

the next morning, stil like that, cannot tahan, eat medicine!

phew!! rest for 1 whole day!!

then, yesterday, aunty bring me go to Dong Chan Shi. yeah...it was a nice nite!! but raining! hey, i meet my Maths lecturer there, Miss Jessica!! haha..what a fate!

ehhe....enjoy enjoy!

so 2nite will attend the blogger gathering at Kepong, and next morning will go to Mengkarak!